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Green Cross Pest Control Services (GCPCS)

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Who We Are ?

Green Cross Pest Control Services (GCPCS) was established in 2016, as a dedicated Pest Control Service Provider to facilitate the implementation of the IPM Strategy

We provide the services through the well trained technicians and a world class range of chemicals, we remove all the pests to make your home and workspace pestfree. When you think about pest control GREENCROSS should be the healthiest idea which comes in your mind. GREENCROSS pest services is in some way different from others i.e., it is user friendly , it uses nature friendly and odourless chemicals , with expertise technicians, and much more merits than others . Home and workspace are the places where we need full peace to work and live . If there will be any type of pest in these places , it will create a disturbance in your happy life. Not only this but also it will also affect your reputation towards your guest who visit to your place . Don't be worried these problems are easily resolved , just choose GREENCROSS pest services and drop your worries.

Our Strategy & Goals

Our Strategy

Client: Welcomes by greeting them in person or on the telephone; answering or directing queries to their satisfaction.

Service: Strategic deployment, process excellence through latest technologies.

Environment: Implementation of Environmental Rules & Regulations for the safe & healthy society.

Our Goals

Customer Service: 24x7 service to our customers, by increasing the customer service staff.

Employee Retention: Implementing a training program to update the skills of existing employees and by addressing the various needs of employees to enhance their job satisfaction.

Business Growth: Growth of business operation by increase in number of franchise in next 2-3 years.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To be recognized as the best Pest Control Service Provider in Pest Control Industry in terms of service, quality, safety and employee engagement by transforming the World of Pest Management through technology & management.

To protect you, your family & your valuable assets with highly pest management professionals.

The safety & care of all the personnel & the environment during the execution of Pest Control Service.

Our Visions

To make the Pest Control Services available to all, through reliability, effectiveness, customerorientation & great value for money using Technological Advancements.

To become the leader in Pest Control Service Industry with the highest level of customer satisfaction & professionalism.

Process Excellence

Quick Reference Guide: Index cards, punch lists, booklets or posters.

Failure Demand Reduction: Processes to be designed and improved for consistent delivery with minimum variation and minimum waste.

Conducting Service Blue Print: Service journey, specifying and detailing each aspect of a service along a timeline which incorporates the perspectives of the customers.

Service Management: It includes service scheduling, complaint management & after service reports.

Quality Management

Quality Assurance: Providing best possible service as per the quality standards defined.

Risk Management: Assess the surrounding of facility, chemicals to be used and management of waste.

Customer Feedback: Customer satisfaction survey on 1-5 scale rating about support interaction, purchase, overall service experience and suggestions how to improve our service.

Why Choose Us?

• Free Advice

• Termite Reticulation Service

• Residential & Commercial Services

• Weekend work– No Extra Charge

• Well-trained and knowledgeable technicians

• On Time Service

• 100% Result

• Using World Class Chemicals

Value Added Services (VAS)

Free Inspection: Free inspections & assessment of sites shall be carried out as per customer satisfaction for identification of pests, infestation levels, sources & suggesting remedial measures.

Free Auditing: Joint audit at pre-scheduled intervals for assessing Infrastructure for pest entry, pest incidence & infestation levels.

Awareness: Commercial clients shall be provided with a quality report as part of our IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Program for current pest infestation/situation, method & remedies required to arrest problem efficiently,keeping the standards high & pest problem very low.

Digitalized Solutions: We offer end to end pest management services to stay up-to-date with global & local digital & technology trends.

Our Presence

• Delhi • Noida • Gurugram • Ghaziabad • Aligarh • Agra • Bulandshahr • Mathura • Moradabad • Bareily • Lucknow • Kanpur • Kannauj • Basti